Since 1950s, the core of the Eur district – distinguished by the original blocks designed by Architect Marcello Piacentini – has been developed as a directorial centre with the construction of big facilities, apartment buildings and wide green areas.

The design and construction of the Confindustria Palace was part of a project – just partially realized – to gather at Eur the whole public sphere, so that the new Ministers would have been close to the big corporations’ headquarters and to other institutions. It was built next to the so-called Square Colosseum, a monument symbolizing the modern architecture.

Architect Vincenzo Monaco was chosen for the job: he designed the external structure of the new conference centre, while Pierluigi Spadolini was the one who designed the internal spaces and added technological features.

Spadolini also designed the Auditorioum della Tecnica, described as “architecture inside the architecture”: it was, in fact,  obtained from the anonymous quadrangular underground garage that should have been part of the Palace. The Architect refined it, providing it with the most innovative technologies of the time.

The Auditorium was opened on May 30, 1974. It was the day of the Confindustria General Assembly during which President Giovanni Agnelli was elected. Since then, and for more than 40 years, thanks to its 18 meeting rooms and wide multi-use areas, the Auditorium has had a fundamental role as an efficient and functional conference space in the Eur district.